Speedminton® Paddleminton Set

Speedminton® Paddleminton Set

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The Speedminton Paddlerminton Set is a mobile complete two-player game for all ages! This set including two (2) Paddles, four (4) Fun Speeder, two (2) Wiffle balls, and a full easy to setup court made of two (2) durable nylon band squares and 8 metal pegs. 
All items on the Paddleminton set are water-resistant for fun at the beach or in the pool. play anywhere, anytime. The perfect game for the beach, park, or your backyard. No net required!

Light wooden paddles provide enhanced playability and comfort. Our Paddles have a re-engineered grip, a loop for safety, drilled wholes for less weight and wind resistance, and new head shape for a lighter racket while keeping the same hitting surface.
Our Speedminton Fun Speeder is smaller and heavier compared to conventional shuttlecocks. This allows a game over long distances, regardless of wind and weather. The Speeder from Speedminton is exclusively produced in Germany using only high-tech synthetic recyclable materials from Switzerland.
Soft rubber wiffle balls provide great touch and control.
The set comes with a durable nylon court in 13 x 13 ft. The blue rope band can be set up within minutes on any grass, turf, sand, or any other soft surface with the included 8 metal pegs. Corners can also be taped on hard floors like concrete or gym flooring.

    Rules of Paddleminton:

    The object of Paddleminton is to strike the speeder (birdie/shuttlecock) using the paddle so that it lands in your opponent's square while preventing the speeder from landing in your own square.  

    The singles Paddleminton court consists of two squares marked on the ground each measuring 13' x 13'.  The squares are spaced 26' apart. 
    The Serve in Paddleminton is a "cooperative serve."   The server hits an "easy" serve to the opponent to start the point. Sets are played to 10 points with players alternating serves every two points.  The first player to reach 10 points wins the set.  (If the score reaches 9–9, the winner of the next point wins the set.  There is no need to win by 2 points.) A match is won by the first player to win 4 sets.  Players change the squares that they will defend after each set (and once the first player reaches 5 points in the 7th/final set if necessary
    • 2 lightweight wooden paddles/Easy Court FUN
    • 2 rubber balls
    • 4 Speedminton fun speeder
    • 1 Durable nylon court in 13 x 13 ft