About Speedminton®

What is Speedminton

Speedminton GmbH, founded in 2002, has combined the best of Tennis, Squash and Badminton into a game that you can play anywhere: Crossminton!

Its simple rules make the sport attractive to hardcore players and recreational athletes alike - anyone who can hold a racquet! Whether competition or freestyle: Crossminton is a game with no limits. 

The game is very easy to set up and there is no net required; the court is composed of two 18 ft x 18 ft squares with a distance of 42 ft in between. The Speeder® (birdie) is designed for indoor and outdoor play.

Rather than a tennis ball or a shuttlecock (or birdie), a “Speeder®” is used in Crossminton. A Speeder® is shaped like a shuttlecock but is half the height and double the weight with a high density rubber end.

Speedminton® a short history

2001 in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, the first players gathered which were thrilled by a faster and more windstable Badminton game. Some of them founded a small company, the Speedminton GmbH, which managed to transfer the idea to an entirely new sport - Crossminton (called then Speed Badminton) - and to develop the appropriate products for this sport within only five years. Speedminton® began marketing their first game sets in 2005 and have continued to grow since.

Crossminton is conquering the world. More than 2.5 Million recreational players, most of them in Europe. But also in Australia, Mauritius and Brazil you can play Speedminton®.

In 2011 the first ICO Speedminton® World Championships took place in Berlin. 

In 2012 Speedminton® Sporting Goods Corp. was founded in California.

Speedminton® - The Original

By partnering with the ICO and top ranked athletes, this gave Speedminton® an opportunity to improve the quality of their equipment. With a market share of 80%, Speedminton® is the worldwide market leader in Crossminton equipment. In support of the sport’s development, Speedminton® donates to various Crossminton organizations throughout the world.

Speedminton® is aware of its responsibility as a company in our society. As employer and manufacturer we set value on a fair treatment of our employees as well as a high-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly production. The high quality of Speedminton® products as well as a production process according to REACH standards was both attested by several independent institutes 

Our Flagship Product - Speeder® Made in Germany:

The worldwide patented Speedminton® birdie is called the Speeder®. Speeders are the only Crossminton shuttles not produced in China but 100% manufactured in Sachsen/Germany using only high end Swiss synthetics and other recyclable materials. Due to its waved shape skirt, the Speeder® rotates while it moves through the air. The result: Wind resistance and accuracy!

The Speeder® is the only ICO certified birdie and is exclusively used at all ICO competitions worldwide.

Per Hjalmarson, Winner of the World and the European Championships, “The Speeder® from Speedminton® is the only Crossminton birdie made outside China. By being produced in Europe, it gives it a unique quality and appeal to it.”

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