Speedminton Fun Series



Easy to learn shorter distance play for the whole family on many surfaces. The rackets are smaller and the birdies are slower than with our Crossminton sets. Court dimension in match setup is 46 x 13ft, no net required. 

Who Plays Speedminton Fun Series? 

Great entry racket game for all ages, and perfect for most backyards!

Fun Series Sets

Game Dimensions / Space Requirements

  • 15-36 ft


  • 19 inch aluminum rackets


Birdies/ balls


The Game
A game ends when one player reaches 16 points. If the score is tied at 15 or greater, play continues until one player has a two-point advantage. A match consists of three wins (best of five).

The players draw to decide which player serves first. Service then alternates after every three serves. Every serve counts. If the score is tied at 15:15, service alternates after each point. The serve has to be from the service zone. You let the Speeder™ drop from hip level and hit it as it falls. The losing side always has first service in the next game.


Every volley counts unless it has to be repeated. Points are awarded in the following cases:

  • Service fault
  • Speeder™ contact with the ground
  • Speeder™ lands in playing field (or on one of the lines) and cannot be returned
  • Speeder™ lands "out"
  • Speeder™ is hit twice by the same player
  • Body contact with the Speeder™
  • If a player returns an "out" Speeder™, it counts as "accepted" and play continues.

Changing sides
Players change sides after each game to ensure equal playing conditions (wind and lighting conditions). If a fifth game (tiebreak) becomes necessary, players change sides every 6 played points.


Speedminton For Kids

Speedminton® is the perfect first racket game for your kids! It's easy to set up; pick up a racket, select your Speeder™ (birdie) and away you go!


Heli Speeder™

The Heli Speeder™ is the perfect place to start, it rotates and slows down as soon as it is hit, allowing for easy rallies over a short distance.





Fun Speeder™

Once that has been mastered, step up to the Fun Speeder™. More of a traditional birdie, it allows play over a longer distance once the player is ready.




The court set up for kids helps them develop their game. Rather than played over the traditional 42ft court, a kids court is played over 30ft, and the Fun Speeder™ is used to provide a traditional, yet shorter game, accessible to kids aged 6-12.

Speedminton® Junior Set

Speedminton® provides you with the ideal solution for kids' play; the Speedminton® Junior Set. The Junior Set is the perfect set to teach kids how to play Crossminton! This set includes two shorter isometric shaped junior rackets and a 2 Fun Speeder™ Tube.