Paddleminton Series


Paddleminton is a racket game played by two players with wooden paddles and wind resistant outdoor birdies. You can casually rally on 12-25 ft distance or play a proper game on the Easy Court Fun. Its an easy to setup portable court including two 13ft x 13 ft square which are set up in a distance of 20ft. The aim is to play the birdie over the gap into the opponents square. All parts are water proof so it’s a perfect activity for the beach, lake or pool.

Who Plays Paddleminton? 

Paddleminton is perfect for fit for all ages 6-88 years. The short wood paddles are light and durable for anyone.

Crossminton Sets

Game Dimensions / Space Requirements

  • 10-25 ft


  • 15 1/2 inches wooden paddles


Birdies/ balls



The Game
The object of Paddleminton is to strike the speeder (birdie/shuttlecock) using the
paddle so that it lands in your opponent's square while preventing the speeder from landing in your own square.  

The singles paddleminton court consists of two squares marked on the ground each measuring 13' x 13'.  The squares are spaced 26' apart.  (See illustration below) 

The Serve in paddleminton is a "cooperative serve."   The server hits an "easy" serve to the opponent to start the point.

Sets are played to 10 points with players alternating serves every two points.  The first player to reach 10 points wins the set.  (If the score reaches 9–9, the winner of the next point wins the set.  There is no need to win by 2 points.) A match is won by the first player to win 4 sets.  


Changing sides
Players change the squares that they will defend after each set (and once the first player reaches 5 points in the 7th/final set if necessary.