About Speedminton

What is Speedminton®?

Speedminton® developed a unique new racket game, Crossminton - a combination of tennis, badminton, and squash. It is played without a net which allows you to play everywhere (beach, park, street, backyard, even in water!) and due to the Night Speeder™, day and night! It is very easy to set up and takes only five minutes. You can play in singles, doubles or freestyle.

What is so special about the birdies?

The Speeder™ (name of our birdies) is designed for indoor and outdoor play. It was designed shorter, heavier, and narrower than the shuttlecocks used in traditional badminton. It flies stable in wind, is water resistant and can even glow in the dark if loaded with a Speedlight. All Speeder are manufactured in Germany.

OK, I have my set. How do I start?

  1. Start hitting the FUN Speeder™ (red skirt, yellow cap).
  2. Have a distance of about 15 feet between you and your partner.
  3. The serve has to be made at waist level.
  4. When you get used to the Speeder™, increase the distance to your partner up to 30 feet.
  5. Now switch over to the MATCH Speeder™ (yellow skirt, red cap). The is distance to your partner should be about 40-50 feet.
  6. When in strong wind, use a wind ring over the Speeder™ cap.
  7. Wanna play at night? Use the NIGHT Speeder™ (yellow skirt, transparent cap) and insert a Speedlight. "Bend" the Speedlight and push it firmly into the cap and you are ready. Fun from dusk 'til dawn!

Can anyone play?

Yes! Our game is very easy to learn and within a few hits, you’ll get the hang of it and be rallying in no time!

Is it a game or a sport?

It’s both! Recreationally, you can play with our sets on the beach, the backyard, in a park, a parking lot, any large flat outdoor space; competitively, there are rules and an easy to set up official court for real Crossminton play.

Can I compete? Where can I find tournaments?

The competitive play is organized internationally by the International Crossminton Association (ICO). You can find all information on their website: www.crossminton.org.

Are all Speeders the same?

No! There are 4 kinds: The Fun Speeder™, for novice, young or other players who prefer a more controlled play on shorter distance; Match Speeder™, the official competition Speeder™ for playing at speeds up to 290 km/h (180 mph); Night Speeder™, the one with the translucent tip, glows in the dark for night play when a Speedlight is inserted; and lastly; The Cross Speeder™, which is for windier playing conditions. Here is more detailed information on our speeders.

How do I put the courts down?

Our Easy Courts come with stainless steel pegs to adhere the court to soft surfaces like grass or sand. If you are playing on a harder surface, tape works perfectly to secure the court or you can even draw the courts with chalk!

What is Blackminton®?

Blackminton® is a glow in the dark form event of Speedminton®. A special Blacklight setup makes Speedminton® glow! We offer Blackminton® parties as well! Get in touch using our contact page if you would like to know more.

Can I book a Speedminton® Event or Blackminton Party?

Yes! Use the contact form at the bottom of the home page us to get in touch about Speedminton® or to book a Blackminton® event.

Can I get Speedminton at my school?

Yes! We have a lot of experience helping to start Speedminton® activity in schools because it’s such great exercise for all ages and extremely fun. It's suitable for mixed classes, easy to learn, playable anywhere and the equipment is very durable. For more information fill out the contact us form, you can find the link at the bottom of the home page.

From what age can my kids start playing?

We offer Speedminton® Junior Sets in which kids can start playing at six years old! This set comes with our Fun Speeder™ which is perfect for younger players.