Speedminton® S700 Set

Speedminton® S700 Set

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The Speedminton® Set S700 – the all-round set with portable court. All set elements are water resistant, and the Speeder™ is wind resistant and with no net required you can play without limits – anywhere, anytime!

The S700 Set includes two aluminum rackets in yellow/blue/green with an effective Mega Power Zone (MPZ) for more power of impact.

In the MIX Tube are five different Speeder™ (birdies for Crossminton) included (1 FUN, 2 MATCH, 1 CROSS, 1 NIGHT): Perfect for beginners: The FUN Speeder™ allows beginners to play successfully and enjoy the game right from the start. Ready for a match? Then use the MATCH Speeder™. The official tournament Speeder™ played by professionals and ensures fast rallies. The CROSS Speeder™ was developed especially for playing outdoors. For long distance also by wind. Speeding until the sun sets – and even longer: The NIGHT Speeder™ with a speedlight enables you to play late at night.

For those competitors, you can quickly set up a Crossminton court with the Easy Court Basic and the match can begin.

The Speedminton® Set S700 is an advancement of the S200 Set.

2 S700 Speedminton® aluminum rackets with Mega Power Zone
5 Speeder™ (1 FUN / 1 CROSS / 1 NIGHT / 2 MATCH)
1 Wind ring for more wind stability
1 Easy Court Basic
4 Speedlights
1 X-racketbag with a reinforced shoulder strap