Speedminton® Super 10 Player Set

Speedminton® Super 10 Player Set

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Speedminton® Super 10 Set – Perfect for group training.

The ultra-light rackets made of durable aluminum with their isometric racket head are easy to use and provide high accuracy.

To set up courts, 40 Speedminton® cones are provided. The durable and portable cones allow play to be set up quickly. The complete set comes with a  Speedminton® sports bag - allowing you to neatly pack and store the set, and includes 3 different Speeder™.

Perfect for beginners: The FUN Speeder™ allows beginners to play successfully and enjoy the game right from the start. Ready for a match? Then use the MATCH Speeder™. The official tournament Speeder™ played by professionals which ensures fast rallies. With the HELI Speeder™ you can play over short distances of 6-8 meters also in wind and with limited space with many people at the same time.

The Speeder™ from Speedminton® are exclusively produced in Germany using only high-tech synthetic recyclable materials from Switzerland making it environmentally friendly.

10 Speedminton® school rackets (5 red / 5 blue)
10 MATCH Speeder™
10 FUN Speeder™
10 HELI Speeder™
40 Cones
1 Sports bag