Speedminton® Super 10 Player FUN Set

Speedminton® Super 10 Player FUN Set

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Speedminton® Super 10 FUN Set – Perfect for group training where space is limited.

The FUN rackets are smaller than conventional Speedminton® rackets with a length of 48.5 cm. These rackets are easy to handle, particularly for groups of children.

With the HELI Speeder™ you can play over short distances of 20-30 feet allowing large groups to play in limited space at the same time.

The Speeder™ from Speedminton® is exclusively produced in Germany using only high-tech synthetic recyclable materials from Switzerland making it environmentally friendly.

10 Speedminton® FUN rackets
5 HELI Speeder™

5 Fun Speeder
2 Speedlights
1 Sports bag