Speedminton® for Kids

Speedminton® is the perfect first racket game for your kids! It's easy to set up; pick up a racket, select your Speeder™ (birdie) and away you go!


Heli Speeder™

The Heli Speeder™ is the perfect place to start, it rotates and slows down as soon as it is hit, allowing for easy rallies over a short distance.





Fun Speeder™

Once that has been mastered, step up to the Fun Speeder™. More of a traditional birdie, it allows play over a longer distance once the player is ready.




The court set up for kids helps them develop their game. Rather than played over the traditional 42ft court, a kids court is played over 30ft, and the Fun Speeder™ is used to provide a traditional, yet shorter game, accessible to kids aged 6-12.

Speedminton® Junior Set

Speedminton® provides you with the ideal solution for kids' play; the Speedminton® Junior Set. The Junior Set is the perfect set to teach kids how to play Crossminton! This set includes two shorter isometric shaped junior rackets and a 2 Fun Speeder™ Tube. All for only $44.99!