Speedminton® Mix 5pk Speeder™ Tube

Speedminton® Mix 5pk Speeder™ Tube

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The Speeder™ Mix Tube contains the shuttle for all conditions.

Perfect for beginners: the FUN Speeder™ allows beginners to play successfully and enjoy the game right from the start. Made for playing outdoors: the CROSS Speeder™. For long distance play even when it is windy. Ready for a match? Then the MATCH Speeder™ is just right for you. Played by professionals the official tournament Speeder™ will allow you to play fast rallies. Let the fun go on even after sunset: Just insert a speed light into the NIGHT Speeder™ and keep on playing.

The newest generation of the Speeder™ displays outstanding flight characteristics: Small waves at the end of the shuttle facilitate rotation, providing the Speeder™ with more precision and stability during the flight. The Speeder™ is exclusively produced in Germany using only recyclable and therefore environment friendly high-tech synthetics from Switzerland.

5 original Speeder™ plus one windring
2 MATCH Speeder™
1 FUN Speeder™
1 NIGHT Speeder™
1 CROSS Speeder™
Comes in a practical tube with screw cap